Skin Goals Crystal Roller Set with Funnel (Green Aventurine / Rose Quartz)

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It's time to reach your skin goals. This two piece is absolutely adorable and unique. It comes with a funnel and a roller. Inside the roller is some crystals which you pour your favorite serum into and then replace the lid and get to work. It is available in rose quartz (PINK) and green aventurine (BLUE). 


The tag's give you the information you need to know:

Benefits: Infuse your favorite serum with rose quartz for beautiful skin on the go.

How to Use: Use the funnel to pour your serum into the bottle. Pop the crystal roller ball back on the bottle to secure closed. Roll your serum across your face and neck in upward, circular motions. Gently pat excess into your skin with your hands until absorbed. 

PINK (ROSE QUARTZ): Rose Quartz is believed to be the universal stone of love and to help sooth, calm and relieve stress.

BLUE (GREEN AVENTURINE): Green Aventurine is believed to be the balancing stone and to help bring comfort and luck

spot test before use. 



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