No More Baggage Reusable Cooling Glitter Under Eye Pads (Gift Ready)

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Give the gift of less baggage or treat yourself to the no more baggage set. This package is gift ready in a beautifully colored circular bulb with attached ribbon. Inside the bright pink packaging hides gold glitter under eye pads. Inside the ocean blue packaging hides silver glitter under eye pads.  The packaging comes in pink and blue. 


Give yourself a morning makeover after a late night with these reusable cooling glitter under eye pads.

Benefits: The cooling sensation may help reduce puffiness under tired eyes, while giving you the coolest glitter eyes EVER!

How to Use: Place in refrigerator before use (to desired coolness), apply under each eye and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Gently hand wash after each use. 

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, CMC-Na; glitter