Lash Out, Brow Down Mini Eyelash Curler & Brow Brush (Gift Ready Packaging)

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Lash Out, Brow Down! This two piece set will help to keep your lashes and brows looking fabulous on the go. It comes in an adorable ocean blue circular bulb packaging making it gift ready. Included is a mini Eyelash Curler and a mini Eye Brow Brush and Comb. They are clear with silver sparkles making them super cute and chic. 


The tag on the packaging includes everything you need to know: 


Kick Start your lash and brow routine with these mini tools on the go!

Instructions: Flip down the easel-style handle on the back of the curler. With the handle facing away from you, place your lashes inside the gap and lightly press down to curl. 

Contents: Mini eyelash curler, mini brow and eyelash comb