2-Piece Clear Silicon Makeup Applicators with Sparkles for Flawless Skin ( Gift Ready)

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Perfect for a flawless face! Do you love the look your makeup sponge gives but don't like wasting product? Then look no further then silicon makeup applicators. Inside an adorable pink circular bulb that makes for gift ready packaging are two silicon sponges. The silicon sponges are clear with silver glitter confettit. There are stars, hearts and moon shapes. 

The tag informs you everything you need to know:


Wasting product is a thing of the past with these silicone makeup applicators. The star shape is perfect for small, hard to reach areas of your face, while the round shape will help with allover coverage for a flawless face.

How to Use: Apply a small amount of foundation on the silicone blending tool and dab lightly where desired. Wash off lightly and wipe clean.

Ingredients: Silicone, WRAP Thermoplastic polyurethane, polyethylene terephtalate glitter